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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site? You are probably here becasue you have found a set of keys with a Key Found tag attached. This website explains how it works. Please drop into any mailbox and they will be returned to the owner.

How about the REWARD? As the tag on the keys you found indicate, when you mail the keys youe will receive:

     1. $50.00 reward

     2. A Key Found tag will be sent to you to protect your keys.

How do I collect the reward? Send and eamil to keyfound@omni-video.net that includes 3 things:

     1. Your Name (the name the reward check will be made out to

     2. Mailing address the reward should be mailed to

     3. Be sure to include the Key Tag number printed on the set of keys you found

Then just drop the keys into any mailbox and the Post Office will deliver the keys. Once the keys arrive to our Post Office box, the reward will be sent to you.

Postmaster Information?  Postmaster - Postage is guaranteed to be paid:  RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED

      PO BOX 681811 SAN ANTONIO, TX 78268

Can I package and mail the keys to make sure they are safe? Feel free to put the keys in a little box or mailer and mail to:

          PO BOX 681811
          SAN ANTONIO, TX 78268

Anything else?  Yes, thanks for being a good citizen. As you know, a set of lost keys can drive you crazy. We appreciate your help and hope you enjoy the reward.

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